I feel bad today.

My husband is working hard on the garage door, trying to make it lift and lower smoothly. He’s been doing this off and on for about four years.

I feel bad because I once tried to drive through the garage door, which is why it no longer lifts and lowers smoothly.

My son feels bad because he is the reason I tried to drive through the garage door. He was always late for school, and as I was storming out the door to the car, yelling at him, I pushed the wrong button and opened the wrong garage door. Whereupon I tried to back through the door. So it was his fault, not mine.

I did spend about an hour with a crowbar prying the door this way and that to get the track back straight and the wheels back in the track, and it did actually lift and lower again. It did so with a lot of hitching, and sunlight streamed in between the panels.

It’s amazing how fragile garage doors really are.

I guess I’ll owe him a back rub.

About alisaacarter

I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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