The Friday Rant: Rich people

Rich people have been annoying me for years. They have all that money, which is just irritating in itself for a jealous b**** like me. And yeah, a lot of them share a lot of their money, but they still have so much left over! Then they get on telethons and ask me to send my money to this charity. So I send my money, but does anyone in the media say, “Oh, wow, Alisa sent $10 to the Joplin tornado disaster”? No, they talk about how wonderful and charitable the Hollywood star is. It was my money! Why does he get the credit?

If a Hollywood star guilts us lower-class schmucks into sending $10 a piece (making him look wonderful in the process), it would take 100,000 of us to make a million dollars. So, what would a million dollars buy for celebrities?

  • Two birthday parties for a certain rapper.
  • Half of a certain pop star’s purse collection.
  • Ten pairs of tights for another pop star.
  • One-eighth of a car for another rapper.
  • One-fifteenth of a house for a certain baseball player.
  • A quarter of a ring as an apology to his wife for another basketball player.
  • A golfing bet for still another basketball player.
  • About two months of “living expenses” for a certain boxer.
  • One 200-hundreds of a yacht for a certain software co-founder.
  • A Hawaii vacation for a certain politician and his family.
  • A painting for a certain actor.
  • A third of an airplane for another actor.
  • Flowers for four years for a singer. (What a bargain!)
  • One-tenth of the wedding costs for a … well, who knows what to call this celebrity?

So is it just me, or wouldn’t it be easier for the celebrities to forgo a painting or a vacation, cut out a few flowers from a bloated joke of a wedding, and stop bugging us to send our money? Especially when you consider that stars are paid ridiculous amounts of money to perform at these events. Even the stars who don’t perform have all of their expenses covered by the charity. Remember the actress who demanded an all-white dressing room, including white roses, to perform at a charity event?

And especially because we already give without them telling us to. According to John Stossel on the website, donations from rich people make up half of all charitable contributions. Great, right? But those are easy dollars to give, because they have so many to start with. I was surprised to read that the working poor actually give a lot to charity. Wouldn’t you think poor people wouldn’t have the money to give? Yet, percentage of income-wise, rich people give a lower percentage than poorer people, who give almost 30 percent more of their income than do people who make more than a million dollars a year. Thirty percent! That’s huge. The has statistics right from the U.S. Government:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ latest survey of consumer expenditure … The poorest households in the United States gave on average 4.3 percent of their income while the richest fifth gave just 2.1 percent of their income.

(Read more:

The rich give what’s easy; the working poor give until it hurts.

Let’s make a vow: Unless the celebrities manning the phones or performing at the charity do it for free, we won’t consider them wonderful people for doing the event. Maybe they’ll quit congratulating themselves and pony up some of those bucks they waste on dog parties and champagne.

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I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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