Another American tragedy?

The cop on TV was very adamant: Do not call this a tragedy. It was a murder. A tragedy isn’t usually intentional, and you can’t see it coming early enough to avoid it.

The murder of Susan Powell’s kids wasn’t a tragedy. They were murdered by their own father when the oldest started remembering details of their mother’s probable murder two years ago. The man set his house on fire around them after turning on the gas, and the house exploded. I just pray they weren’t burning, feeling pain, before they exploded.

And we all saw this coming, didn’t we? Whenever a husband is the prime suspect in a woman’s death, does anyone think he should have custody of their kids? Especially when the kids were the only possible witnesses? He told the cops he took the boys — three and five — camping. In frigid winter conditions. Fox is calling it a blizzard, but I don’t know about that. When he got home, his wife was gone.

What idiot believes a mother would allow her husband to take her tiny children camping in the middle of winter? And how coincidental that that was the night she disappeared.

Yet that wasn’t why the dad lost custody.

The fact that her father-in-law was secretly recording her and other women in his bathroom and had child porn on his computer makes it even weirder. The dad did lose custody then. So porn is more a reason to lose custody than murder?

The dad did have supervised visits, but in his own home, where he could plan and set up a murder. It would appear to me that the social worker let the boys run into the house ahead of her routinely, because the dad was sure waiting to slam and lock the door before the social worker (with a private company, not the government office) got to the door. This wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. He had to have it all ready to go. I don’t blame her for anything; thank God she didn’t get in there with them. Maybe he wouldn’t have done it, but more likely he would have killed her too. But it shows that people weren’t taking the threat this man posed to his children seriously.

He shouldn’t have been having visits in his home. He should have met those kids at the courthouse. Then this “tragedy” — this completely foreseeable, completely avoidable murder — wouldn’t have happened.

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