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Gluten sucks

Here is a picture of my son, holding a pizza box. Yes, that was a pizza. And there’s a picture of Cleo the horrible kitten sitting in the empty pizza box eating the scraps of meat. She likes to sit … Continue reading

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American tragedy update

I really wanted to be funny today, but I heard on the news that those poor little boys didn’t die instantly. They had hatchet marks on their necks, and they actually died of smoke inhalation. So they lay there, horribly … Continue reading

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Another American tragedy?

The cop on TV was very adamant: Do not call this a tragedy. It was a murder. A tragedy isn’t usually intentional, and you can’t see it coming early enough to avoid it. The murder of Susan Powell’s kids wasn’t … Continue reading

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The Friday Rant: Why are kids and animals so disgusting?

In the middle of the night, I heard a commotion in the hallway — hissing, growling, little cat feet running in all directions. I ran to the hall to see what was going on, and I stepped on something kind of … Continue reading

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Kindles are awesome

So I got a Kindle for Christmas. I’d always been one of those people who thought I could only read books on paper. I’ve heard people say they love the sound of the pages turning, the smell of the ink … Continue reading

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