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I’m overrun by rats!

But the crazy thing is, I bought them. Fink has turned out to be the most amazing pet. He loves my son, Nick. We’ve had hamsters in the past who loved us, would stand on their hind feet and hold … Continue reading

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Free book today only!

I wish I’d seen this earlier! A friend of mine has a great book of short stories out called The Whisper Jar. Some kind of creepy, some fun, just great stories. And it’s free today!

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The Friday Rant: Why are people so mean?

What is with our national obsession with meanness? Everyone always says bullying is bad, but every TV show has the resident bully. Basketball Wives has Tami. This woman can’t even form a normal expression–she’s stuck in a permanent duck-face. She lives her life perpetually pissed. … Continue reading

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Writer Wednesdays: Those three little words every editor wants to hear …

“I love you”? “You’re the best”? No, well yes, but even more — “Edit me fiercely.” An author said that to an editor friend of mine, and we all sighed with envy. What I love about that comment is the fearlessness … Continue reading

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The worst time of my life

I need to tell you about the worst hour and a half of my life. No, I wasn’t kidnapped and held for ransom by sadists. No, I didn’t have surgery without benefit of anesthesia. I went to see The Three … Continue reading

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The Firday Rant: If you don’t know what to say, just say something!

A friend told me recently that she doesn’t like to tell people that she once lost an infant to still-birth. “People look at me like I’ve grown two heads,” she said. They’re nice, but they never act the same way to … Continue reading

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Free stuff! The Enlightened Species novella

One of my favorite authors to work with is Wendy Hales, who writes the Enlightened Species series. Her first book is out, and I recently edited the second for her. (This girl could go on and on with stories in … Continue reading

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Writer Wednesdays: Publishers hate when you …

Now that I edit for a couple of publishing houses, I have the inside scoop on what publishers hate to see. So I’ll pass them on to you! Fix these things before you send your book into a publisher, and … Continue reading

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Books I’ve edited: Crazy Greta is out!

Crazy Greta by David Hardy Musa Publishing “As the Netherlands descends into the chaos of religious and political civil war, Crazy Greta runs her tavern, keeping order among the drinkers with her skillet. But when the Dead rise from … Continue reading

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The Friday Rant: Women Don’t Buy Cars

I realized something from watching car commercials: Women don’t buy cars. I mean, I guess they don’t, because a lot of car commercials sure don’t seem aimed at women. For example, look at the commercials for the Fiat Arbath. First … Continue reading

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