Books I’ve Edited: The G Crisis by Jason Winn

The G Crisis

By Jason Winn

Here’s a great book I edited! The “G” in the title stands for giants, an unforseen side effect of experiments performed by a greedy corporation on soldiers in Afghanistan. The government keeps the program hidden until an industrial accident spreads the crisis to a major American city. As the action moves from gritty battle scenes to murky Washington politics, the book asks the question, how far will we let our government go to “protect” its citizens from its own citizens, even if they are very different from the norm? Really made me draw some parallels with discrimination and prejudice. Introductory price of only 99 cents — it’s a great read!

Back cover:
“Marine Corporal Mark Walkup’s first life ends with an Afghan mortar round. Within weeks he’s thirty feet tall and fighting evil scientists, the U.S. military, and the ghost of his ten-year-old sister. He is the first positive result from Mi-Tech Labs and the government’s secret program to genetically engineer an unstoppable soldier. Previous trials left a wake of nearly invincible psychopathic, test subjects in the U.S. and abroad.
“Cover-ups abound. The junior reporter Sandra Holmes has the tenacity of Woodward and Bernstein in the body of a twenty-something. She chases names on her zombie list; researching how veterans are brought back to life on the battlefield only to go mad. Breaking the story means instant credibility in a world of infotainment.
“Senator Conrad Kovacs is an illegal investor in Mi-Tech labs. He stands to secretly make billions once the soldier program is successful. As Sandra begins to unravel his involvement, the senator attempts to eliminate the company to shield his reputation and massive fortune.
“The stakes are raised when a botched mission to erase Mi-Tech from existence spews chemicals into the atmosphere right outside Chicago. Soon after, giant people and animals begin razing the city. The military intervenes after local social services are overwhelmed. The giant Corporal Walkup is tasked with helping the military. He can either comply or help his new giant comrades get answers about condition.”

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