Books I’ve Edited: Fire’s Touch by Wendy S. Hales

Fire’s Touch

By Wendy S. Hales

The fourth novel in her Enlightened Species series, which includes Immortal Becoming, Shadow Revealed, and Shadowed Magic, Fire’s Touch tells the story of Stacy, a woman who escaped enslavement in a Volaticus forced breeding program. Years later, she must use her firestarter talent to protect herself and her son from the madman trying to get her her back–and take her son as his own. Wendy has created a complex world full of strange species and intriguing characters, and she keeps coming up with new situations to explore. I have a feeling she can keep this up for a long time. The books are linked, the characters making cameo appearances in other books, but they stand alone as unique reads. Sexy, fun, yet thought-provoking.

Back of the book copy:
“Caged and used for breeding against her will, Stacy is not about to let anyone get close to her, even if he’s sexy as hell and assigned to protect her from those who once held her captive.
“Conlon Einar, an Elven warrior, finds the object of his latest SOSC mission—and his potential bloodmate—to be more hostile than he expected. Emotionally guarded, with an attitude and tongue sharp enough to make the strong tremble, the bratty vixen is both amusing and surprisingly intriguing to Conlon. He decides cracking her shell to win her love is a challenge he’ll accept with passionate enthusiasm.”

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