Thank you Isaac!

Thank you, Hurricane Isaac, for rehydrating Kansas City! And thank you for leaving poor New Orleans!

Water! Glorious water! The only bad thing is, Isaac decided to settle over Kansas City and squat for a while during the Journey concert at the Livestrong Arena. We were only supposed to get a quarter to a half-inch of rain, but we ended up getting upwards of six inches.

So off we traipsed to the concert. I had gotten my husband a plastic rain suit, but that was not fashionable enough for me. Oh, no, I could handle a quarter-inch of rain! So I had this stupid little rain poncho and a hat. At the last minute, I brought my old rain jacket, and thank God. It was raining like crazy and got cold. Part of the stadium is covered, but I bought the tickets on the field, right in front of the stage (though a ways back). Great seats, if not for the deluge. We got completely soaked within minutes. Eventually we went up and commandeered some seats in the covered area, but I was thoroughly squishy by that time.

But — great concert. The young man they have singing for them was fabulous, a little guy with a giant voice that filled the stadium. The band was still fantastic, great guitar, beautiful piano. I was never seriously into Journey when I was younger, so it was a really pleasant surprise to hear so many hits — so many! — and realize how much their music was the backdrop of the lives of us ’80s kids. Loverboy and Pat Benatar were also there, and surprisingly, Pat Benatar’s voice is better in concert than on her albums. Just effortless and again, fills a stadium. Thanks to all the musicians willing to stand in the rain to play for us!

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I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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