The Friday Rant: Another Hollywood ick moment

When I saw the trailer for The Silver Lining Playbook, I was puzzled. It looked like the love interest for Brady Cooper was Jennifer Lawrence. Didn’t she just play a teenager in The Hunger Games?

I mean, Bradley Cooper isn’t ancient, but if he came up the front walk to date my 20-year-old daughter, I’d meet him on the front porch with a shotgun and a quick lesson about dating within your age group.

I see this older guy and this young girl together on screen and I have an ick moment. It’s just nasty. Why do the Hollywood people who make these movies always have to cast such young women with such old guys? Remember 17-year-old Scarlett Johannson playing a wife and college grad in Lost in Translation? (I didn’t either, to be honest; I read about it in a comment. I just thought it made me sound knowledgeable.) Don’t they realize that being on-screen with such a fresh-faced, unwrinkled young woman makes Bradley Cooper look even older in comparison?

The character she plays in this movie is supposed to be a widow. Jeez, married and widowed and only 20 years old? I know it happens, but if that’s not the point of the movie, they shouldn’t have picked such a young actress.

And why do they think we’re all so fascinated by young women coming on to older men? It’s such a blatant fantasy for these old guys. “She forced me! She pursued me relentlessly! She wore me down!” It’s just embarrassing. If you have such a fantasy, why put it up on the big screen for everyone to wince and grimace at?

There is this undercurrent of men wanting to have sex with underage  girls, and Hollywood seems to try to get as close to that line between legal and underage as they can. Do they do it on purpose for the titillation factor? Or is it just some weird subconscious desire on the part of a few nasty old men who greenlight movies? I don’t know, but the ick factor is enough to make me see Lincoln the movie instead.

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I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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