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Bad cat — Christmas morning

My cats really enjoy Christmas. They remember year to year and get very excited when they see the presents come out Christmas morning. Boo always gets colorful furry mice, though Cleo the Horrible Kitten stole them this year. And Keas … Continue reading

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Bad cat

A year in the life of Cleo the Horrible Kitten:

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We’re all still here!

Last night I was going to make glazed salmon for dinner, and then I thought, if the world really does end at midnight, do I want my last meal to be fish? No, I wanted chicken-fried chicken and queso with … Continue reading

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Christmas is off to a bad start

First, I pulled the tree out and it’s a disaster — the branches are a mess, the stand isn’t holding the tree straight, and it has all of these gaps. I had my son hold the tree in the right … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

I love Christmas! I love any holiday. I so want to buy menorah and dreidal ornaments, but I think it might be disrespectful to put them on a Christmas tree, but they seem like such a beautiful way to commemorate the miracle … Continue reading

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The Friday Rant: Is Fat Girl anything to call a customer?

I don’t know about you, but I’m flat sick of mean people. These three women go into a bar and grill called Chilly D’s in Stockton, CA, and have a nice dinner. When they receive the  bill, they almost miss … Continue reading

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Writer Wednesdays: Don’t forget the dialog

You know how to see if you’re telling too much instead of showing? No dialog. One of the biggest mistakes I see as an editor is lack of dialog. Writers often tell me what someone said instead of letting the … Continue reading

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