The Big News: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Sequel Comes to Musa

Gary K Wolf Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? Coming November 2013!

It’s been tough to keep the secret, but the news is finally out:

Musa Publishing Announces Deal With Author Gary K. Wolf For Third Roger Rabbit Novel

(Lancaster, OH) Musa Publishing, an independent digital-first publisher, has announced today that they will publish Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? by author Gary K. Wolf, the third book featuring Wolf’s iconic character, Roger Rabbit, and the denizens of Toontown.

“When I first got a submission in the inbox from Gary K. Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, I must admit that I didn’t take it seriously. After all, why would such a well-known author be coming to Musa?” confesses Musa Editorial Director, Celina Summers. “But after I read his submission, all my doubts were erased. No other author in the world has that distinct narrative voice. Rather quickly, we accepted two novels from Gary—The Late Great Show! and Typical Day—and Gary became part of the Musa family. But even then, I never expected he’d bring us a Roger Rabbit novel.

“Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? is the culmination of a twenty year wait for fans of the world that Wolf first created in his 1981 Hugo-winning Who Censored Roger Rabbit? The third installment in the series has been promised to fans for a long time but never released. Now, with the 25th anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on the horizon in 2013 and rumors of a 3-D reissue stirring up excitement among Roger Rabbit fans, the collaboration between Wolf and Musa is coming at a significant time.” —Contact: Celina Summers, editor AT!-

The Late Great Show!200.jpg

Gary is amazing to work with. I edited his first two books, The Late Great Show! and Typical Day, and it was such a pleasure. He has the most amazing imagery. I mentioned in an earlier post, “Writer Wednesdays: Imagery Creates Images,” that one of my favorite Gary-isms was the line in which he describes a modern-day Aphrodite, saying her toga “clung like a swath of off-color graffiti.” First you get this image of a beautiful woman with this multi-color gown swirled around her, and then the words penetrate: off-color graffiti. In The Late Great Show!, Aphrodite is a mean-tempered, vindictive little trollop, and the imagery captures everything about her in this on evocative sentence. That’s what I love about Gary — his writing is just above and beyond, a great story told with such beautiful writing.

Gary’s next book, Typical Day–which is coming out on December 7–was even more amazing for me (stay tuned for my write-up on Thursday), and I’m so excited that Musa is actually getting to publish the new installment in the Roger Rabbit franchise!

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