Christmas is off to a bad start

First, I pulled the tree out and it’s a disaster — the branches are a mess, the stand isn’t holding the tree straight, and it has all of these gaps. I had my son hold the tree in the right position and then poked scraps of rags down into the stand. This is a Charlie Brown tree! I meant to buy a new one last year after Christmas, but it just didn’t happen. This year, it’s going in the trash after Christmas. But, with all the beads and lights and ornaments on, it’s looking pretty good!

keas and gypsy 062And this year we have a dog in the house. Already the dog has torn up an antique lamb I had in the manger. I guess she likes mutton. Lucky for her, she remains cute. And Mom had painted it white years ago, thinking its fuzzy little body was too dingy anyway, so I guess not such a big deal.

And when it came time to put the stockings on the mantle, we had too many darned pets. I couldn’t put the stockings in a line, so we ended up just putting them everywhere. I’m beginning to see that “weird cat lady” is a definite possible future for me.

keas and gypsy 080

Next, I bought a gingerbread house cookie cutter set, which saved me about $20 just this year on houses for my kids to decorate (they don’t share well). It actually worked great, but the first gingerbread recipe I used made some very soft house walls, and they crumbled into a little war-torn gingerbread zone, so I had to start over. At least the house smells nice. Now if I can just get all three kids together at the table for some decorating…

Next I made some Mexican mocha balls. They were coffee-flavored! Coffee and sugar and chocolate — how do you beat that? My children were horrified. Fine, I’ll make some stupid chocolate chips. Grrrr.

And money is tight this year, so my husband and I are not exchanging. But I found a big straw purse I’d salivated over this summer on sale 80% off — $8! So awesome. And lucky for my husband, his phone putzed out and he had to get a new one, so he got his first smart phone, which is kind of a Christmas present. Now if only I could talk to him without him holding his phone over his mouth and playing that mustache app. Honestly, smart phones are just not good in the hands of dumb people. (JK, honey!)

The cool thing is, my daughters are master shoppers, and you wouldn’t believe the bargains they’ve found. Three dollar skirts, five dollar sweaters. These girls are freakin’ talented. The pile of presents in my room is pretty impressive.

Actually, it’s not been a bad Christmas after all. More mocha balls!

About alisaacarter

I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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