4 Responses to Writer Wednesdays: Using Social Media

  1. I started my blog for that very reason Alisa. A lot of small publishers anyways want you to have a web presence…which I am fine with but I be damned if I am going to sacrifice all my time on it at the expense of my wriiting…and I challenge that there is a HIGH majority of “just as good” as authors or writers as you or me out there who are already set up perfectly up on the web and are willing to walk over fire for publishers. Off topic a little bit but I think the epublished world is watered down by subpar writing ..there is ALOT of crap out their… Amazon and Smashword’s only standards are your formatting and not your content..they could care less really. If it sells it sells…if not…oh well.. Population is ever increasing and submissions are increasing to publishers so I understand if they want more out of you for commitment…but I have to believe and maybe I’m naive. But if they saw a GREAT book they would see their way to making concessions on a few of the requirements when publishing your book…just saying….great post..cya

    • alisaacarter says:

      All true — I’ll be honest, I’ve lost a bit of the fire in my gut because I don’t have time for all the marketing. People I know who have been successful make time for it, and there are some who just write and eventually build up a readership. I’m hoping eventually publishers will cough up some marketing again, but times are tough. Everyone needs to do the best they can, so I say, do as much marketing as you can, write the best book you can write, and hopefully one of your books will take off and they’ll all catch fire. If you need to write, it’s all moot — you’ll write, whether you get published or not! You have a good attitude, so hopefully you’ll be the one to catch fire!

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