Crazy dog — part deux

This is why I never get any housework done.

February 2013 029

I’ve learned to stop the vacuum so she can carefully bite the edge. It makes her feel tough. It also about doubles the amount of time I spend vacuuming.

Speaking of vacuuming, I have to have a carpet cleaner. I have four cats and a dog — between the cats tossing hairballs and the dog leaving little “gifts” in Nick’s room (probably hoping the smell of the rats will cover for her), I have to be able to whip out a carpet cleaner at a moment’s notice.

In the past, I always had these huge carpet cleaners that, yes, could clean a room in a short time,  but I’m older than dirt now. I’m only good for about a room a day anyway, and I needed something easier to use. So when my old carpet cleaner went off to the dump, I got this, the Bissell Powerforce Powerbrush:

February 2013

This thing is tiny! Might seem like it’s too small, but I can do a room in a day, so I’m good. You do have to empty the dirty water reservoir and refill the soap/water tank pretty frequently, but it’s so much lighter than a huge reservoir, again, I’m okay with it. You have to use the Bissell 2X concentrated stuff or you void the warranty, but you use literally a splash of the stuff and then fill the entire reservoir with hot water, so it’s probably going to be cheaper in the long run (a big jug of the concentrate was about $17 at Walmart).

The cord is too short (gee, Bissell, how many fractions of a cent per unit did that save you? Not worth the annoyance factor for your users) and there is no hand tool, which is kind of a big issue for me. I like to clean my couch and chairs (because I have small furry bodies laying on them 24/7), and I have stairs, which should be interesting.

The biggest thing is, it’s about two-thirds the size of my regular vacuum, probably half the size of my old carpet cleaner, so I can easily carry it up the stairs. And if I get left a little gift by one of the animals, I can pull it out in no time. My old machine used to be a giant pain to store, get out, get someone to help me carry it upstairs, fill up the reservoir and soap dispensers, snap it all into place, and then peer at the various reservoirs to try to determine if it was time to empty/refill. Everything is right there, easy to see. It’s easy to use for little jobs but, unlike spot bots, able to clean a whole room as well.

So far, I like it. And how do you beat $80?

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I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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