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Writer Wednesdays: Telling detail

Details are awesome. Fancy writing there, huh? But they are. They do so much in your writing. They are the paint we use to create a picture in a reader’s mind. Words don’t stay individual words when we read. They … Continue reading

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Writer Wednesday: Apostrophe s

Is there anything more annoying than the -‘s? (Well, other than tornadoes.) When do you use -‘s and when do you use -ies? Even worse, what about -ies’? It all comes down to possessive or plural. –If something is being … Continue reading

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The garbage disposal

Ever wonder what would happen if you stuck your hand in a garbage disposal? Well, surprisingly, not much. But I don’t recommend it by any means. It does hurt. A lot. Feels like someone smashing you with a hammer. (It … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead season finale

HOW COULD THEY KILL MERLE? I was so mad. He’s changing, doing something selfless and good, trying to finally protect his little brother, and they kill him. At least it wasn’t Daryl. I will quit watching if they kill Daryl. … Continue reading

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