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Writer Wednesdays: Rules journalists teach us

Though I always intended to be a writer, I started my career as a journalist, an editor for a technical magazine. My coworkers were all journalism majors — Word Nazis, I affectionately (sometimes) called them. For them, there’s right and … Continue reading

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The stupidest dream ever

I have a lot of really vivid, really stupid dreams. The one I had last night was the most vivid, stupidest dream I’ve had in a while. I’ve been dreaming a lot about scary critters lately. (If anyone interprets dreams and knows … Continue reading

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Writer Wednesdays: Just finish the story!

Today, I start a new weekly series: Writer Wednesdays. Why? Well, I just liked the alliteration. And I’ve wanted to do a tips for writers thing for ages. As an editor, I see authors making a lot of the same mistakes. … Continue reading

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