New Year’s resolutions

I’ve already started my New Year’s resolutions. They’re basically the same as every other year: exercise, eat fewer carbs, don’t procrastinate so much.

And then I threw in a curveball: drink more milk. That’s a little odd, but my 75-year-old mother had a DEXA scan the other day, and she has the bones of a 23-year-old. She drinks crap-loads of milk. So I’m trying to drink a glass or two a day. I drink a lot of coffee though, and that has milk, right?

I resolve to make some money. That’s a little tougher in this economy, but my editing business is doing well, so 2012 might be a good year. I might make more money than last year. My husband might make less, so it could be a wash. But at least I’ll feel like I’m doing my part.

I resolve to enjoy life more. The job helps there, too. I love editing. I forget to eat when I’m editing. Hey, a three-fer! Make money, enjoy life, lose the fat butt. A good start. But I think that’s the biggie: I resolve to enjoy just being alive one more day this year. More laughter, more relaxation, more time with family, more visits with friends, more time to watch the clouds and stars, more time to actually sit in a chair that doesn’t swivel from screen to phone. Less worrying about stuff I can’t fix anyway. Less listening to the clock tick, tick, ticking. Yeah, I resolve to make 2012 the year I enjoy my life.

About alisaacarter

I am a writer of young adult novels, wife, mom of three, lover of animals, former magazine editor, reader of anything paranormal, and coffee fanatic.
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